ClojureBridge London

London, United Kingdom

19–20 February 2016

This workshop will be in held London, United Kingdom and is intended for those with none/some programming experience. We will use Clojure, a modern programming language running on the Java virtual machine, to introduce you to fundamental programming concepts. We plan to have 20 attendees, 5 Teachers and a few Teaching Assistants. You will learn and practice in small groups of 2 to 4 attendees each.

We’re offing this workshop to help make the Clojure community more accessible to a diverse range of participants. As such, this event is only welcoming participants who identify as female or nonbinary. Males may register as a guest of one of these participants.

Organizers: @agile_geek @jr0cket @yolinasotirova @deniseyu21

In this workshop, we’ll take you through building a sample app using Clojure. We’ll meet up Friday late afternoon to install all of the software you need, and then spend Saturday learning and writing code. Each participant needs to bring her or his own computer with fairly recent Mac, Linux or Windows installation. If you have questions about your hardware, send an e.mail to one of the organizers before the event!

Sometimes people ask if the Friday night Installfest is mandatory, and yes, it is! It’s a crucial part of the weekend, even if you’ve already gone through the instructions independently. There are a ton of moving parts when setting up a development environment, and the reason that we’re able to get through the curriculum on Saturday is that every single student has had their dev environment checked and has been awarded a sticker for their successes.

If you have questions or ideas for us, the best way to get in touch is to send an e-mail or tweet to the organizers. To receive updates you can follow us on Twitter

ClojureBridge London takes place at uSwitch. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the event, so please let us know if you have any special requirements when you register. We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, so we will be asking all learners and event volunteers to sign up to an anti-harassment policy, which will be strictly enforced. Our aim is that ClojureBridge London will introduce learners to new possibilities in programming, and make the tech community in London a more diverse and interesting place.


uSwitch for Business, Notcutt House, 36 Southwark Bridge Rd, London, United Kingdom


We are grateful for the involvement of Chris Howe-Jones and Yolina Sotirova and Denise Yu and John Stevenson, who will host this workshop, and will answer any questions you might have before or during the workshop.

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

  • Compare the Market
  • Heroku
  • USwitch