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ClojureBridge Donor FAQ

What is ClojureBridge?

ClojureBridge is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to increasing diversity in the Clojure community. We provide free, introductory workshops focusing on web development with Clojure, a relatively new programming language valuing simplicity, expressiveness, and practicality. Clojure’s simplicity makes it excellent to learn for newcomers and a pleasure to use for more experienced engineers. Its expressiveness and emphasis on practicality make it a powerful tool for turning ideas into working software.

ClojureBridge is inspired by RailsBridge and follows their model closely. Following the existing RailsBridge model, we offer free workshops to women and plan on expanding our reach to ensure more diversity above and beyond gender alone. Local developers organize workshops, using a base curriculum as a starting point. These hands-on workshops last two days, beginning with a Friday evening ‘Installfest’ where students setup developer tools on their laptops, and a Saturday workshop focused on introducing syntax, concepts, and structures from Clojure. The workshop culminates in an afternoon project in web development, data visualization, or computer graphics.

How do these workshops help?

ClojureBridge workshops contribute to a larger grassroots effort to ensure that technologists reflect our broader communities. Our attendees range from programming newcomers to experienced engineers new to Clojure. Developers joining the ClojureBridge community as teachers learn to be more empathetic, deepen their knowledge of their craft and importantly challenge their preconceptions of what a programmer looks like.

Our process and curriculum is decentralized and open source. We provide resources and a base curriculum for local organizers of workshops.

Why does ClojureBridge need sponsorship?

ClojureBridge is seeking monetary support to enable additional workshops by experienced organizers, as well as expand geographically with new workshops outside of major metropolitan areas.

In particular, our geographic expansion has increased the need for funds in locations where Clojure is less well-known by local businesses and developer communities. Sponsorship would allow ClojureBridge to alleviate the fundraising burden for organizers in these areas, who have already committed to recruiting volunteers, supporting students, reviewing teaching materials, and securing workshop venues.

Sponsorship would also improve accessibility, providing free food, drinks, supplies, and childcare for students and volunteers during the weekend of the workshop.

Who processes the donation?

All donations are provided to Bridge Foundry, Inc. as unrestricted funds. This is an important accounting distinction and allows the group to spend funds to support our mission. We will do our best to create activities with volunteers in our area that honor your donation, and appreciate that you are willing to support our mission: to transform tech culture, by generating leaders, teachers and mentors who empower the underserved.

How can I help?

If you are interested in donating your time and skills to ClojureBridge, including by organizing a new workshop, please see our information for new contributors or email your questions to

If you’re interested in a financial donation: fantastic! As ClojureBridge workshops do not charge tuition to students, we seek monetary and in-kind donations to cover their costs. By sponsoring ClojureBridge, you are publicly demonstrating to current and future software developers that your organization values diversity, openness, and excellence.

We accept contributions through PayPal and can also provide tax-deductible invoicing. ClojureBridge is part of Bridge Foundry. Bridge Foundry is part of School Factory, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


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