About ClojureBridge

ClojureBridge is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to increasing diversity in the Clojure community. We provide free, introductory workshops focusing on web development with Clojure. We were inspired by RailsBridge, and we follow their model closely. Our workshops are hands-on, with attendees truly programming a majority of the time, not just sitting in a room listening to lectures.

Following the existing RailsBridge model we offer free workshops to women, and we plan on expanding our reach in the future to ensure even more diversity above and beyond gender alone. Our attendees range from someone who has never programmed a day in their life, to experienced developers new to Clojure.

Clojure is a relatively new programming language that values simplicity, expressiveness, and practicality. The simplicity of the language makes it excellent to learn if you are new to programming and a pleasure to use, either way. Its expressiveness and practicality make it a language that gives you a lot of power to turn your ideas into working software.

ClojureBridge is an open source project. If you’re interested in helping to build the Clojure community, we encourage you to get involved.