ClojureBridge San Francisco

San Francisco, United States

26–27 September 2014

This workshop is for women interested in learning programming with Clojure. Men, you are welcome if you know a woman who would like to attend and come to learn Clojure together. ClojureBridge is emphatically queer and trans* friendly.

This is an introductory workshop. The focus is on those new to programming, so complete beginners are welcome! (If you have experience programming in another language and would like to learn Clojure, you may find the pace of the workshop slow.)

This workshop introduces data structures and functions, and gives you opportunities to use them to create programs. We’ll meet up on Friday to install all of the software you need, then spend Saturday learning and writing code.


  • A reasonably up-to-date laptop running OS X or Windows
  • A power cord
  • A little patience
  • A little curiosity


315 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, United States


We are grateful for the involvement of David Chambers, who will host this workshop, and will answer any questions you might have before or during the workshop.

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

  • Brick Alloy
  • Factual
  • WalmartLabs