ClojureBridge Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

26–27 September 2014

This free workshop hosted by Girl Geek Scotland is open to anyone who was assigned female at birth and anyone who identifies as a woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or genderfree regardless of gender presentation or assigned sex at birth. It is suitable for complete beginner to intermediate programmers who have no previous experience of the Clojure programming language. You’ll start by covering Clojure’s basic concepts, and finish by building an application in Clojure and deploying it online. All you need to bring is a wifi-enabled laptop (with power cable) and yourself. There will be an ‘installfest’ on the Friday evening to make sure you’re all set up with the software you need, followed by an all-day workshop on the Saturday.

ClojureBridge Edinburgh takes place at CodeBase, one of Europe’s fastest growing tech incubator spaces, situated in the Old Town with spectacular views of Edinburgh Castle. Food and drink will be provided throughout the event, so please let us know if you have any special requirements when you register. We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, so we will be asking all learners and event volunteers to sign up to an anti-harassment policy, which will be strictly enforced. Our aim is that ClojureBridge Edinburgh will introduce learners to new possibilities in programming, and make the tech community in Scotland a more diverse and interesting place.


CodeBase, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland


We are grateful for the involvement of Ali King, who will host this workshop, and will answer any questions you might have before or during the workshop.

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

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